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Civil Society Academy

Our Vision:

A vibrant and diverse civil society, based on active citizenship, leads the way 
towards a world that is just, inclusive and free of hunger and poverty.


Our Mission:

We are central to developing leadership and operational capacities of a global

network of civil society actors to end hunger and




An Introduction

In a rapidly changing world, we are at the forefront of supporting civil society organisations in developing countries to realise opportunities, make their work more effective and contribute to positive societal change. We want to help create a vibrant and creative civil society, which engages constructively and advances towards a world that is just, inclusive and democratic.


Our focus is on key-concerns and competencies related to Civil Society. Those are:

  • Leadership and Institutional Development of Civil Society Organisations
  • Effective Programming within the triangle of "Social development - Good Governance - Citizen Empowerment"
  • Innovations and Business Models on the intersection of Civil Society and the Private Sector


Our target group consists of leadership and staff of national and international civil society actors that are active in Asia. The Academy has been recently founded by three Indian Civil Society leaders as an Indian Trust. It is supported by Welthungerhilfe, a German NGO that envisions ending hunger and poverty. The strategic direction of the organisation is determined by the trustees as well as an international advisory board which consists of staff members of Welthungerhilfe and its partners throughout Asia. The advisory board ensures the international perspective and provide technical guidance. Currently, the Academy is run by a small team, consisting of a Director, a Program Officer and an Advisor. The Academy does not have its own premises, but organises the learning and networking events in suitable locations in Asia.


For further information regarding up-coming courses, please follow the 'Capacity Development Opportunities' tab here on the INGO Network website. There are two flyers also attached here for their Advocacy and 'How to become an exceptional CS Leader' courses.

INGO Network on behalf of WHH/GAA
Jul 11th 2016

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