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Re-advertise: Provincial Medical Coordinator (Local employment, Medical educational background)


Houaphan province (regularly trip to the districts: Field activities in Xone, and Huemeuang districts, other provincial coordination/ trainings at XamNua)


As soon as possible

Background of the activities in Lao PDR, Médecins du Monde Japon

Médecins du Monde Japon (MdM Japon) has been present since 2012 and had implemented its first project in Champassak, which ended at the end of 2015, for the mother and child health project in collaboration with, one of MdM’s global network, Médecins du Monde France. MdM France had also worked in Savannakhet province from 1990 to 1997 for a surgical and obstetric program. In this way, MdM has a long working relationship with the health authorities in Lao PDR to contribute the health of people in Laos.


Brief overview of pediatric project

The new project has been developed since the beginning of 2016 through conducting medical field research, aiming at its launch in January 2017. The project is designed for 3 years at the beginning to serve better health for children under 5 years old in Xone and Huemeuang districts, Houaphan province.

The ultimate goal of the project: to contribute to reduce mortality and morbidity rates of children under five years old.

Objective 1: Capacity building of the health facility staff and improve/ sustain the quality of technical supervision

Objective 2: Reinforce health education in the villages and improve the villagers’ health seeking behavior

Objective 1 will be achieved through

Activity 1: IMCI ToT training, IMCI clinical training, supervision tool review, and enhancement of on-site supervision.

Objective 2 will be achieved through

Activity 2: Training/ workshop for Village Health Committee members and on-site supervision of Health Education/ promotion at the villages.

Other objectives and activities addressed to our project emphasis on the collaboration with relevant health authorities to find suitable ways of working for the health staff and the villagers to keep the functions that will be formed through the project.


Duties description:

Provincial Medical Coordinator (PMC) is responsible for ensuring the quality of medical components of the project. As main duty of the first year, PMC will facilitate implementation of series of training on child treatment with provincial/ district health offices (Activity 1). PMC works on the improvement of supervision at health facilities (district hospital/ health centres) in collaboration with an external pediatric adviser. PMC closely work with Country Coordinator to monitor and evaluate the progress of the entire project.


1. Implementation of trainings
  • Coordination among central, provincial, and district health offices to define focus topics in each training

  • During the training, critically analyse if the teaching methods meet the needs of trainees.

  • Coordination at central level may require travel to Vientiane, or other provinces

  • Arrangement of dates, time, place for the trainings with the trainers and the partners (local health office).

  • Prepare the documents, text, etc with trainers of each training with the partners.

  • Assist the trainers during the trainings.

  • Arrange the necessary materials with other sections (eg. accounting, logistic)

  • Write implementation report

  • Review the training with the trainers for the next implementation

2. Needs assessment of medical equipment until distribution
  • Finalise the purchase materials with provincial health office.

  • Coordinate the timing of order with provincial health office.

  • Arrangement of delivery among provincial/ district health office,

  • Organise distribution with logistic section.

  • Prepare necessary documents.

3. Implementing supervision at health facilities
  • Review a supervision tool with provincial health office (together with an external pediatric adviser in case).

  • Arrange and make visits to each health facility to do technical supervision with provincial/ district health offices.

  • Summarise and analyse the results with provincial/ district health offices to make an action plan for improvement.

  • Make on-site advice to the health facility staff including outreach with provincial/ district supervision team.

  • Constantly assess the needs of the staff for their capacity building

4. Arrangement of an external pediatric adviser visit

 *the adviser is supposed to make one or two visits every year.

  • Make schedule of the adviser’s visit with Country Coordinator.

  • Make sure the necessary information will be received by the adviser

  • Lead the field visit with the adviser to make sure his/ her duties will be fulfilled.

  • Review the report from the adviser to make sure the necessary advice to be included.

5. Coordination/ Arrangement of annual review meetings at provincial/ district levels
  • Arrangement of dates, time, place for the meetings with the partners.

  • Prepare presentations, reports, documents with Country Coordinator

6. Regular tasks
  • Contribute to any monitoring and evaluation activities relevant to the project

  • Data analysis

  • Collaborate/ support the community activities (activity 2) whenever it is necessary to input from medical point of views.

  • Participate in external/ internal meetings.

  • Prepare reports, presentation etc for the meetings.

  • Prepare regular reporting to the donor, partners, or head quarter

Profile of the ideal candidate


1. Professional qualification
  • Licensed: Nurse, Medical Assistant, or Medical doctor (or equivalent to those)

  • Graduated from medical school, collage, university

  • Familiar with IMCI 

  • Knowledge of pediatrics is an asset

2. Professional experience
  • Clinical experience

  • Previous experience in working for international NGO/ organisations of the relevant field.

  • Previous experience in working with/ within Laos health system.

  • Previous experience at the village level is an asset.

  • Worked as a trainer in any setting is an asset.

3. Other required/ desired skills
  • Fluent in English (writing, reading, speaking)

  • Laotian (native level)

  • Computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, e-mail, internet etc)

  • Not bothered by long vehicle travel, nor by staying in the villages for a certain period of time with limited living conditions

  • Ethnic language is an asset (ex. Hmong, Kham, Phone, Yu-mieng)

  • Willing to /learn new tasks/ experience as your career development

  • Flexible/ creative to the unexpected (Solution based approach)

  • Communication skills (internal, external)

  • Ability to listen to others, speak your ideas as contribution to the teamwork

  • Honest and open

  • Interest, curiosity and respect for different cultural backgrounds, ability to consider intercultural approach

  • Manageable and tolerant to multiple tasks/ time-pressured conditions

  • Understanding and respect organisational principle.


Médecins du Monde Japon (Doctors of the World Japan)
5 months (possible extension)
Sep 18th 2017
Houaphan Province


  • Benefit package will be provided according to the Médecins du Monde Japon’s standard upon successful completion of probation period.

  • Salary will be set according to experience and qualifications based on the Médecins du Monde Japon’s standard.

  • Médecins du Monde Japon considers housing in case the applicant should move from other provinces/ district for taking this position.


How to apply

  • Interested applicants should submit an application letter (cover letter) and CV with 2 referents

  • Due date: before September 18, 2017. *The recruitment may be closed any time before the due date when a suitable candidate being identified.

  • Addressed to:

    Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.

    No return of the documents.

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