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AGRISUD International

Mission Statement

At Agrisud, we do not accept the idea that today almost one billion and a half of individuals are living in poverty and are often experiencing great difficulties to feed themselves daily.

This is why, for more than 20 years, we have been helping poor people to create their very small family businesses, especially in the farming sector: production of vegetables, fruits, breeding, product processing… Because they are economical as well as agro-ecological, those businesses are viable and sustainable. This is also due to the fact that they are integrated in their local market. The entrepreneurs have each been assisted all along the process of professionalization that took them from poverty to autonomy.

Therefore, Agrisud has contributed to the launch of more than 40 000 small agricultural family businesses in 18 countries of Africa, Asia or South America, and most recently in France. At a village, city or territory scale, real changes have taken place to help the poorest populations while increasing food security for families and in local markets – in quantity and quality.

Programme Description

AGRISUD International starts its activities in Lao PDR in 2009 with a food security project funded by the European Commission named "Food security for women and rural poor in Viengkham District, Luang Prabang Province". In August 2014, it launched its new project named "Forestry and Agro-ecology in Lao Rural Uplands", supported by the French Development Agency (AFD), for a duration of 4 years. The project is located in Viengkham District, Luang Prabang Province, and targets 20 villages for a total population of 8,909 persons. 


In Laos since 2009, AGRISUD International supports various activities to rural communities:

- Improvement of agricultural practices using agro-ecology model of agriculture: rain-fed crops, livestock raising, agroforestry, vegetable gardening...

- Management of land and natural resources: Participatory Land Use Planning (PLUP), Village Development Plans, program of reforestation for protection and conservation forests...

- Improvement of water access: gravity-fed water supply systems, rehabilitation of forest cover around water springs...

- Improvement of knowledge on Nutrition: village sensitisation using LANN approach

Contact Details

Address: Viengkham District, Luang Prabang Province , Lao PDR
Telephone: +856 02054914892
Fax: N/A
Contact Person: ,
Other Contact: Claire KIEFFER, Project coordinator

General Information

Number of Local Staff: 1->5
Number of Expatriate Staff: 1->5
Average Annual Budget: 0 USD
In Lao PDR Since: 2009
Country of Origin: France

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Projects and Sector of Activities

Title Description Provinces/Districts Sectors/Sub-sectors
Forestry and Agro-ecology in Lao Rural Uplands

Start Date: Aug 1st 2014
Strengthen the capacity of rural upland populations in Viengkham District (Luang Prabang Province) to manage and conserve natural resources.General ...
Luang Prabang
- Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries - Natural Resources & Ecology