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iNGO Project

World Education in the Lao PDR (WEL)

UXO Education and Awareness Project for School Children

Last updated:2012-08-06 11:55:37

The overall objective of this Project is to increase the awareness of school children about the dangers of remaining war ordnance and to reduce their risk of accidents. In the nine Project provinces, lessons in UXO awareness are taught during the school year in all five primary grades, reinforcing other community awareness messages as well as providing a base for UXO prevention messages in the community. The Project has activities both within as well as outside of the formal education system.

The Project In-school objectives include the following:
1. Development of a curriculum, textbook, and model lessons: the model lessons extend the teachers` abilities to incorporate child-centred activity-based learning approaches in the official school curriculum. This makes the classroom instruction more relevant to the lives and concerns of children.
2. Training of Trainers, Teachers, and follow-up of teacher training: Counterparts from the provincial and district departments of education implement the trainings of the primary school teachers. The teachers not only learn the messages about the dangers of UXO and UXO accident prevention, but also have time to develop lesson presentation skills during these trainings.
3. Evaluation of student knowledge before and after studying based on a 5% sample size. Older children are tested using standard paper and pencil testing. For 1st to 3rd graders, a simple picture-based method is used. Other methods of evaluation of the UXO in-school curriculum for both the students and the community are still in the process of being developed.

Currently, more than 1,000 schools in 30 districts participate in the program. More than 3,000 teachers help over 100,000 students learn about the dangers of UXO and how to prevent UXO accidents.

In collaboration with trainers from the Lao National Puppet Theatre, over 70 Children`s Puppetry teams have to date been established in the four most UXO affected provinces. The performances of these troupes are very instrumental in promoting UXO awareness, and the puppetry teams perform at a variety of schools and at public gatherings during important Lao National festivities in the year, such as on National Childrens Day and National Teachers Day.

Project Start Date Project End Date Current Project Phase Current Phase Start Current Phase End Project Operational Budget
Oct 1st 2005 Dec 31st 2012 Oct 1st 2006 Dec 31st 2012 300000

Project Coordinator Project Partners
Intha Phanouvong
(021) 214-524
There are no partners specified

Provinces and districts of project activity:

Provinces Districts
Attapeu Province - Phouvong - Samakkhixay
Champasack Province - Bachiangchaleunsook - Paksong
Houaphan Province - Huameuang - Viengthong - Viengxay - Xamneua
Khammouane Province - Bualapha - Mahaxay - Nhommalath
Luang Prabang Province - Nambakh - Ngoi
Saravan Province - Lao Ngarm - Samuoi - Saravane - Ta Oi - Toomlarn - Vapy
Savannakhet Province - Nong - Phine - Sepone - Thapalanxay - Vilabuly
Sekong Province - Dakcheung - Kaleum - Lamarm - Thateng
Xiengkhouang Province - Kham - Khoune - Morkmay - Nonghed - Pek - Phaxay - Phookood - Thathom

Sectors and sub-sectors of project activity:

Sectors Sub-sectors
Data Collection & Analysis - Educational DC&A - UXO DC&A
Education - Curriculum Development - Risk Behaviour Awareness & Education - Training of Teachers
Emergency and Humanitarian Relief - UXO Awareness Education
Human Resources Development - Capacity Building
Social Development - SD Education and Training

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