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iNGO Project

BasicNeeds (BN)

Mental Health & Development in the Lao PDR

Last updated:2012-08-02 14:12:42

This project will support a process of consultation and involvement of people with mental health problems, their carers and their communities to enable probably for the first time - the issue of mental health to be addressed in a practical and participatory way in Laos.

Project Start Date Project End Date Current Project Phase Current Phase Start Current Phase End Project Operational Budget
Jan 1st 2007 Dec 30th 2012 May 28th 2007 Dec 31st 2012 799198

Project Coordinator Project Partners
Chantharavady Choulamany
(021) 312981 or (021) 480938-9
There are no partners specified

Provinces and districts of project activity:

Provinces Districts
Vientiane Municipality - Chanthabuly - Hadxaifong - Maypakngum - Naxaithong - Sangthong - Sikhottabong - Sisattanak - Xaysettha - Xaythani

Sectors and sub-sectors of project activity:

Sectors Sub-sectors
Community Development - Community Development Training
Data Collection & Analysis - Health DC&A
Education - Curriculum Development - Teaching Materials
Health Care - Training of Health Workers
Human Resources Development - Capacity Building - Education / Training Abroad, incl. Scholarships
Social Development - Information & Communication - Marginalized Groups in Society

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