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iNGO Project

Burnet Institute (Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health) (BI)

Qualitative Evaluation: Community Events Based Surveillance Pilot Project

Last updated:2009-03-18 04:48:52

The Burnet Institute was contracted by WHO and CARE to conduct a qualitative evaluation of the Community Events Based Surveillance (CEBS) pilot project currently being implemented in 4 provinces in Laos: Vientiane Capital, Vientiane Province, Sayabouli Province and Khammouane Procince.

Objectives of this reseach aim to:

Qualitative data collection techniques, primarily focus group discussions and individual interviews, will be used to reach these aims.

A Surveillance Working Group was established in 2007 uniting key stakeholders working on community based surveillance activities. The working group included representatives from the National Centre for Laboratory and Epidemiology (NCLE), the National Animal Health Centre (NAHC), Food and Agriculture Ogranisation (FAO), the World Health Organisation (WHO), US centre for disease control (USCDC), Provincial Government Departments, and community based implementers such as CARE and Abt Associates.

Pilot models were implemented by partners in the four locations with the aim of identifying an effective model for the early detection of events of national and international public health concern, and to enable prompt implementation of public health response measures to control the event.

A minimum of two and a maximum of 6 villages will be sampled in each district and these will be chosen by the relevant project implementer, bearing in mind that the sample needs to satisfy specific criteria.






Project Start Date Project End Date Current Project Phase Current Phase Start Current Phase End Project Operational Budget
Mar 1st 2009 Jun 30th 2009 Mar 18th 2009 Mar 18th 2009 0

Project Coordinator Project Partners
There are no partners specified

Provinces and districts of project activity:

Provinces Districts
Khammouane Province - Nongbok - Thakhek
Vientiane Municipality - Hadxaifong - Xaythani
Vientiane Province - Phonhon - Thoulakhom
Xayaboury Province - Xayabury

Sectors and sub-sectors of project activity:

Sectors Sub-sectors
Data Collection & Analysis - Health DC&A

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