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iNGO Project

Mines Advisory Group (MAG)

Development-led Humanitarian Mine Action in Lao PDR

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Lao PDR is included in the group of ‘Least Developed Countries’ and ranks 130 out of 177 in the UN Human Development Index. Two thirds of the Lao rural population are either food insecure, or live on the edge of food security, with every second child in rural areas malnourished. It is widely accepted that a major reason for this is the vast quantity of UXO contamination, remaining from the two million tonnes of ordnance dropped during the second Indochina war, preventing access to safe land. The high prevalence of UXO has a significant impact on food security, demonstrated by the poorest districts of Lao also being those most highly contaminated. MAG started operations in Lao PDR in 1994, and its major focus has been restoring access to land and infrastructure and removing blockages to economic and social development.


To promote poverty reduction, human security, and Millennium Development Goal achievement by removing the impact of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and strengthening the capacity of the NRA to manage the national Humanitarian Mine Action programme in line with the Lao Government’s National UXO strategy, the Safe Path Forward II, and its obligations under the Treaty on Cluster Munitions.


To reduce the humanitarian and socio-economic threats posed by ERW by conducting UXO clearance to enable socio-economic development actions in line with the Lao 7th Socio-economic Development Plan.


  1. 7 CL teams deployed to undertake community surveys in target communities
  2. 5 UXO clearance teams and 2 Roving teams undertake UXO clearance tasks in support of socio- economic development actions in 4 Provinces of Lao PDR
  3. MRE safety briefings conducted for high risk groups and in response to development partner, Government and community requests
  4. Village Education Development Committees conduct first aid training to reduce mine related casualties in 15 villages of Xaibouthong district, Khammouane province
  5. Safer community activities implemented in target villages as requested by partner organisations and comms.
  6. Train community based clearance methodology in 10 villages of 1 District of 2 Provinces
  7. NRA capacity built to deliver against UXO Sector Strategy Plan
  8. NRA MRE unit produces multi-lingual MRE materials for national use by NRA, UXO operators, INGOs, training on their use by the NRA
  9. MAG, in collaboration with NRA, establishes an NRA Provincial office in Xieng Khouang
  10. Project cycle training delivered to 34 UXO Lao Provincial ManagersMAG, in collaboration with NRA and PDoLSW, implements District Based Survey in 1 District of Xieng Khouang
  11. 3 integrated HMA development projects implemented by MAG and development partners in Lao PDR
  12. Capacity building undertaken with NRA to enable more effective management and coordination of HMA with mainstream development stakeholders
  13. Baseline and Impact Assessments conducted by MAG in collaboration with NRA and supported by Danish Demining Group across 11 Districts targeted for development action by Government and development partners
  14. Detector trial conducted in collaboration with UXO Lao

Output 1

HMA activities are implemented in UXO affected communities of four provinces of the Lao PDR to enable safe socio-economic development actions

  1. Minimum 7,150,000m² land cleared
  2. 19,166 items of ERW removed and destroyed
  3. MAG EOD roving teams complete 1,230 roving tasks
  4. 100% of MRE safety briefings delivered according to partner requests
  5. Final number of direct beneficiaries reporting an increase in land use confidence
  6. Final report of 100% Post clearance assessments conducted on all sites 6 months after clearance

Output 2

The national capacity to implement, coordinate and manage HMA is built to fulfil Lao government obligations under the National UXO sector strategy Safe Path Forward II and the International Treaty on Cluster Munitions

  1. Overall targets as established in the MAG/NRA plan of activities are achieved
  2. Production and distribution of 5,000 MRE materials and training in their use by NRA
  3. NRA Provincial office integrated into existing Government revenue sources
  4. Systems and processes in place to ensure the sustainable long term funding and resourcing of the Provincial NRA office

Output 3

Improved processes to facilitate more effective planning and decision making with regard to post clearance development activities

  1. Publication and dissemination of 2 key research studies
  2. 3 approved partnerships between MAG and development organisations
  3. Safe community model is integrated into community activities in collaboration with partner organisation
  4. Implementation of impact assessment on minimum of tasks cleared between 6 and 24 months
  5. Final Impact Assessment report produced on all sites as per contractual timeline requirements

Project Start Date Project End Date Current Project Phase Current Phase Start Current Phase End Project Operational Budget
Feb 1st 2010 Jul 31st 2013 3 May 1st 2012 Jul 31st 2013 3625000

Project Coordinator Project Partners
Simon Rea, Programme Officer
+856 20 5922 2420
There are no partners specified

Provinces and districts of project activity:

Provinces Districts
Khammouane Province - Bualapha - Mahaxay - Nhommalath - Xaybuathong
Xiengkhouang Province - Khoune - Nonghed - Pek - Phaxay

Sectors and sub-sectors of project activity:

Sectors Sub-sectors

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