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iNGO Project

World Education in the Lao PDR (WEL)

Technical and Financial Support to Establish VANMAI Savings and Credit Union that Provides Lending and Savings Services to Poor Rural People

Last updated:2012-08-06 12:12:35

Project Start Date Project End Date Current Project Phase Current Phase Start Current Phase End Project Operational Budget
Jan 1st 2012 Dec 31st 2012 Jan 1st 2012 Dec 31st 2012 0

Project Coordinator Project Partners

There are no partners specified

Provinces and districts of project activity:

Provinces Districts
Saravan Province - Khongxedone - Lakhonepheng - Lao Ngarm - Samuoi - Saravane - Ta Oi - Toomlarn - Vapy

Sectors and sub-sectors of project activity:

Sectors Sub-sectors
Income Generation & Economic Development - Governance Aid in Economic Development - Handicrafts - IG&ED-related Training - Income Generation Activity - Micro Finance - Micro Finance Management Training - Revolving Funds - Revolving Funds Management Training - Savings & Credit - Savings & Credit Management Training - Small & Medium Business Development

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