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Focus Training: Team Management and Leadership
Leadership helps teams to look at the big picture and keeps the ball rolling, while team management is
pivotal to run the day-to-day business – with all its demands and challenges. Both skills are important to
develop the performance and cohesion of your team and, hence, are fundamental to the success of your
organizaton. This two-day practcal training will boost these skills.
We focus on crucial questons, such as:
What are the differences between team management and leadership?
How does a team develop and what are success factors of a high performance team?
How to clarify roles and responsibilites as key performance indicator?
How to make group decisions in teams and run effectve meetngs?
How to approach and resolve toxic situatons in teams?
How to create focus and energy in teams?

About The Organization

Civil Society Academy (CSA)
Mr. Bunrithy Lav

CDO Details

2 days
Dec 8th 2016
Nov 15th 2016
Out of Laos
Phnom Penh
200 USD

Topic(s) of CDO: Organizational Development

Topic(s) of CDO: Programmatic Content

Additional Information

Flyer -Focus Training Team Management and Leadership Cambodia.pdf
Flyer -Focus Training Team Management and Leadership Cambodia.pdf (689.33 KB)

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