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Focus Training: Conflict Management
Conflict – we all know it, have experienced it. Conflict is part of our life, professionally and personally.
Conflicts cannot be avoided, therefore it is crucial to understand their dynamics, levels of escalaton and
constructve methods to resolve them. This training gives you the opportunity to learn vital concepts and
to reflect in small groups. The training further emphasizes on factors and methodologies that are vital to
manage conflicts in both professional and personal life.
Key topics include:
Why do people disagree?
Conflict management competence
Escalaton levels of conflict
Hot & cold in conflict
Tools for conflict management

About The Organization

Civil Society Academy (CSA)
Mr. Bunrithy Lav

CDO Details

2 days
Dec 13th 2016
Nov 15th 2016
Out of Laos
Phnom Penh

Topic(s) of CDO: Organizational Development

Topic(s) of CDO: Programmatic Content

Additional Information

Flyer -Focus Training Conflict Management Cambodia.pdf
Flyer -Focus Training Conflict Management Cambodia.pdf (652.82 KB)

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