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Effective teamwork

The art of mastering Group Dynamics

If you want to go fast, go alone

If you want to go far, go together

Being able to work together in a professional context is an essential skill. Most goals you want to achieve cannot be reached without the help of others. However, working together with others can also cause inefficiency, confusion or irritation.

The question therefore is: how can you work together effectively? How do you deal with other views, disagreements and freeriders? How do you prevent time consuming discussions and frustrations?

In this skills training we will look at skills and insights you need to be able to work together effectively which include: communication, influence, decisionmaking and groupdynamics. Serveral theme’s will be discussed, including:

1.                  Understanding your team– Insights in diversity & strategy

You will learn to see and deal with diversity in a group. To work effectively, you must understand how and why everyone is different, with different motives, characters and skills. You cannot change the motives of people, but you can learn to utilize them.

2.                  Expectation Management – Reaching agreements with clarity and commitment

You will learn to make effective agreements and to communicate clearly. The biggest frustrations in teamwork are created by unclear or vague agreements. If you have shared responsibility, it effectively means there is no responsibility. We will be working on clarity and expectation management.

3.                  Group dynamics - Influence, support, effective discussions

You will learn how to be influential in a team and gain support for your ideas. We will look at standard roles in a group and how one can avoid that certain people get stuck in certain roles. We will also focus on effective ways of working with disagreement.

4.                  Conflict and feedback – dealing with resistance and addressing issues

You will learn why conflicts can arise and how to prevent them. Furthermore, you will learn how to address behavior such as freeriding, being late or a failure to comply with agreements.

About The Organization

Vilayphone Choulamany
+856 20 7790 3550

CDO Details

2 days
Jan 22nd 2017
Jan 22nd 2017
Vientiane Municipality
Professionals wishing to upgrade their skills in preparation for expanded roles and responsibilities
English and Lao
USD 200

Topic(s) of CDO: Organizational Development

Topic(s) of CDO: Programmatic Content

Additional Information


Local CSO members please enquire with us for participation with a reduced cost

Please allow an hour for us to get to know your learning needs after you register for our course in order for us to personalise the content to suit you. 

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