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Negotiation & the art of persuasion

Great power gives great responsibility

Persuasion is an art!

Influence occurs everywhere: At work, at the marketplace, at home, everywhere you may be influenced or you will be influencing others. Sharp arguments and a compelling vision go a long way. Next to that also using your charm, choosing your words wisely and being empathic are essential ingredients for more influence. In this course you will learn how to use effective communication skills and lessons from psychology to create a better deal.

Create motion

Effective persuasion is about setting people in motion. During this workshop you will gain insight into what moves people and how to motivate them for your proposals. It's about using clever tricks, understanding the science of influence, but also about sensitivity and understanding of group dynamics that may help you to create a win-win. We will work on practical techniques that will make your communication authentic as well as more effective.

We work on the basis of four themes:

1.       Inspiration - motivating and encapsulating speech


2.       Sharp argumentation - dismantling false arguments and fallacies


3.       Charisma - non-verbal communication of (world) leaders


4.       Tactical Communication - creating support and dealing with resistance

Learning by doing

Learning by doing is the motto, so you can expect practical exercises in which you will put the effectiveness of your communication style firmly to the test!

About The Organization

Vilayphone Choulamany
+856 20 7790 3550

CDO Details

Jan 30th 2017
Jan 23rd 2017
Vientiane Municipality
Professionals wishing to upgrade their skills in preparation for expanded roles and responsibilities
English and Lao
USD 200

Topic(s) of CDO: Organizational Development

Topic(s) of CDO: Programmatic Content

Additional Information

Please allow an hour for us to get to know your learning needs after you register for our course in order for us to personalise the content to suit you.


Local CSO members please enquire with us for participation with a reduced cost 

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