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Argumentation and debating skills

Learning to ask the right questions

Why debating?

Debating-skills enable you to be sharp, persuasive and inspiring in any conversation. During this workshop you will learn how to communicate your message in a powerful way, how to find the best arguments that fit your audience and how to deal with difficult situations, fallacies and nasty tricks.

Creating organizations with a learning culture

For organizations, debating skills are invaluable to facilitate a learning culture that can bring your organization to the next level. Debating skills will help you to ask the right questions on the job: What are we really doing here? Why is it important? Are we making relevant impact? Are we discussing relevant topics? Many organizations today still do not have a full-grown learning culture. The skills in the course will help to create an open and critical mindset based on arguments, not fallacies or personal attacks.

More effective

The training is hands-on and practical. Learning by doing is the motto. We will be practicing from the start. In an interactive context, the participants will bring what they have learned into practice immediately. We will watch videos that clearly illustrate how effective communication is done… or how it can terribly go wrong!

In short, if you are looking to bring the effectiveness of your communication skills to the next level, then practicing with debate is very relevant, fun and effective.


1.                  Presentation that works: How to make your point stick with your audience

2.                  Strategic argumentation

3.                  Asking the right questions

4.                  How to deal with fallacies and nasty tricks!

So, stay sharp, keep learning!

About The Organization

Vilayphone Choulamany
+856 20 7790 3550

CDO Details

Jan 30th 2017
Jan 23rd 2017
Vientiane Municipality
Professionals wishing to upgrade their skills in preparation for expanded roles and responsibilities
English and Lao
USD 200

Topic(s) of CDO: Organizational Development

Topic(s) of CDO: Programmatic Content

Additional Information


Local CSO members please enquire with us for participation with a reduced cost  

Please allow an hour for us to get to know your learning needs after you register for our course in order for us to personalise the content to suit you

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