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Training & Coaching skills

Helping others to achieve greatness


Training and coaching is a delicate skill where you help someone else to become wiser, more knowledgeable, inspired and committed. Coaching is more than giving advice. It is about enabling a context in which the coachee can grow by asking the right questions.

If you work with other people as a leader, manager or in a team, then coaching skills are invaluable. They will enable you to understand others’ concerns better and awaken the intrinsic motivation in them.

In this course you will learn about:

·         Safety: Creating a safe context in which someone will trust you to discover more about themselves

·         Intrinsic motivation: If people are motivated they work with more ambition. You will learn how to awaken such intrinsic motivation by challenging and championing them and by visualizing an inspiring future.

·         Talent: You will learn how to discover the talents of your coachee and how you can motivate them to utilize their talents more.

·         Clarity: Asking the right questions that will help your coachee to reflect sharply on their performance and making clear choices. Tools in your toolbox will be: offering a new perspective, reframing and zooming in or out.

·         Action: ‘trying is not doing’; you will learn how to inspire real action in other people, with specific results.


About The Organization

Vilayphone Choulamany
+856 20 7790 3550

CDO Details

Jan 30th 2017
Jan 23rd 2017
Out of Laos
Professionals wishing to upgrade their skills in preparation for expanded roles and responsibilities
English and Lao
USD 200

Topic(s) of CDO: Organizational Development

Topic(s) of CDO: Programmatic Content

Additional Information


Local CSO members please enquire with us for participation with a reduced cost 

Please allow an hour for us to get to know your learning needs after you register for our course in order for us to personalise the content to suit you

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