Initiative of the Government of the Lao PDR, strives to improve access to key data and information for development planning and well-informed decision-making in the Lao PDR. The platform includes village-level information from the Lao national Population and Housing Census 2005, high-resolution data from the Lao Census of Agriculture 2010/11, as well as data from the national State Land Leases and Concessions Inventory


Knowledge and Information System - KIS: 

Web-based, open information platform providing information on capacity development (CD opportunities for Lao civil society) and on aid effectiveness (mechanisms, policies, strategies and opportunities for civil society to more effectively engage in the development process and demonstrate its contributions to poverty alleviation and sustainable development in Lao PDR.


Lao NPA Network / Learning House for Development (LHD): 

The Lao NPA-Network (LNN) is an informal network of Non-Profit Associations (NPAs) involved in development work in the Lao PDR with the main purpose of enhancing mutual coordination, cooperation and solidarity, sharing information and assistance between network members and for joint capacity building of its members.



Sharing information about farmers & agribusiness in Laos.  The group includes representatives of Government, donor agencies, NGOs, development projects and the business community. In addition to this website, LaoFAB members also have access to an online library at where you will find a wide collection of documents (in English)  relating to rural development in Laos.

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LaoFAB repository:

This is the document repository for the Google group LaoFAB. To get access to this repository, you first have to sign up as member of LaoFAB.



Provides information in Lao which cover almost every fields of work such as: Agriculture and Forestry, Health, Community Development, Gender, Lao Laws, Policy, Regulation and etc. There are many sources of information such as: filing, VDO, Picture, Discussion which in digital.


Land Issues Working Group:

Information, resources and publications about land issues in Lao PDR



Web-site of the Rights-LINK (Land Information Networking Knowledge) Resource Centre has the aim of promoting knowledge, access to information, consultation, and collaboration on land and natural resource management related issues for anyone interested in land issues. The LINK Centre is intended to bring materials and information together in one place, share stories and perspectives between local communities and policy makers.


Scaling Up Nutrition - Civil Society Alliance (SUN-CSA): 

The SUN CSA is a formal network established in 2014 to promote sustainable improvement in the nutrition status of Lao people, in particular women and children in their first 1,000 days of life. It seeks to coordinate and align civil society through skills building for convergent action and learning from best practices. The SUN CSA supports the Government’s national nutrition agenda to accelerate the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger (MDG 1).