What We Do

iNGO Network Services

The iNGO Network provides services primarily to its members but also serves as the focal point for information on INGOs for example to other development partners and the Government of Lao PDR.

The services include:

Some of these services are also available to non-members.

Working Groups

Thematic Working Groups support the implementation of the iNGO Network\\\'s mission and support members through:

Currently, the following working groups exist under the Network:


The iNGO Network also maintains links with working groups in the following areas:

The iNGO Network Secretariat can provide contact details of all working groups.


Representing INGO community and fostering dialogue between INGOs, Government of Lao PDR, funding agencies and other development partners

The Network plays an important role in the overall Relationship between international NGOs and Lao authorities. It is perceived by these actors as a contact point for international NGOs and their activities. It coordinates international NGO representation for a range of partnerships, official events, consultations and meetings.